Brantley Pens Novel of Guilt and Redemption, Proves There’s Always Hope For Tomorrow

Brantley Pens Novel of Guilt and Redemption, Proves There's Always Hope For Tomorrow.


Book Review – Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott


          By Jeff Abbott


         Grand Central Publishing


          July 1, 2011



Sam Capra is a government agent living a comfortable life with his wife, Lucy. His body and mind are fine tuned from running. He pumps his adrenaline through a series of bounds off stairs and buildings.


Sam’s life drastically changes with a terrible phone call. Lucy tells him to run the hell out of his office building and he does. No sooner does he flee the Company office does the building explode. Everyone he spoke to moments before is dead.  As the lone survivor, he is the prime suspect.


When Sam awakens, he has no idea where his prison is. Though innocent, he is beaten, starved and punished beyond reason. He has no idea where his pregnant wife is and must struggle to claim his innocence. The Company thinks that he and his wife are traitors.


Months later, having been unsuccessful in their hostile interrogation, his captors release him. He is warned not to tell anyone of his experiences, not to relocate, nor to find his wife and child. He is to be aNew Yorkbartender and to lie low. But that’s not what Sam has in mind. He is driven to bring Lucy and the baby home.


Adrenaline introduces a man who won’t give up no matter what and a cast of criminals you sure as hell don’t ever want to meet. They respect nothing. They value only themselves. Their goals are a horrible possibility.


The book is fast paced and filled with deadly action. It won’t let you down. I loved the author’s style and the fact that he doesn’t hold back on human strength and the darkness within us.


Four bottles of whiskey


This way to the book store exhibit

“Moving on to the next exhibit, we have the remains of a stand-alone bookstore. As far back as I can remember, families visited these cultural buildings which housed varied books of interest to all ages. Books were arranged by category, with bestsellers being awarded the prime space. You would be lured by the colorful and interesting book covers down aisles containing: literature, mystery, romance, science fiction, academic, young adult and children’s books. One could reach for a title that appealed to them, gently open the book to read the book jacket teaser. Students would order tea, coffee or a smoothie and find a table to do their homework. Writer’s groups had monthly readings. Sadly, and because of the changes in book buyers forms of purchasing and their desire for another format, stores began to close one by one. In time, only one major bookstore was open and a few surviving independents. No more was there the opportunity to shop for a book for your children and buy it right there. Bookshelves became electronic and books, as well. We saved trees but along the way we lost the experience of opening a book, physically turning the pages and then reading the last page and closing it for the last time. Let us move on to the school exhibit. Did you know they actually had schools for various age groups in one’s community….”

Book Review of “Welcome To Last Chance”

    Welcome To Last Chance

     By Hope Ramsay

     Grand Central Publishing

     Contemporary Romance

      March 1, 2011

      368 pages

                                   $5.99/mass market

With only five dollars in her pocket, Jane left Atlanta, Georgia on a Greyhound. She had to put as much distance between her and Woody West as possible. He was bad news and she didn’t need to be tomorrow’s headline story.

A short time later, Jane enters Last Chance, South Carolina, and the bar, Dot’s Spot, hoping to find a knight in shining armor to rescue her. Or at least buy her a meal and provide a place to sleep. Instead she finds a bar filled with middle-aged drinkers and a fiddler who set her hormones on overdrive.

Clay Rhodes was no “bad boy”. He was a country musician back home because of obligations and regret. The minute he laid eyes on the young brunette from out of town he was in “lust.” Taking her to the Peach Blossom Motor Court was the only thing he could think of. Attraction sometimes turns into something a little more. Problem is Mary, or Jane, whoever she is, was too young and probably not wife material. But his body and all his waking thoughts were thinking differently.

Ruby Rhodes and the town matchmaker have a few ideas of their own. Ruby helps Jane with her living and working arrangements and Jane in turn watches her granddaughter who has a unique ability, even if no one believes her.

WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE looks like a small town tale from its cover and reads like one. The author has the gossip down and everyone knowing everyone’s life story and business. She also threw in suspense in what Jane is running from, romance and attraction with Clay and Jane. A bit of the paranormal, and I’m not telling you more about that. Adorable innocence. Another fun read. You don’t have to worry about it ending because it’s part of a series. Next up is “Home At Last Chance.”

Four out of five fiddles

Denise Fleischer,

 July 16, 2011

Review of Deadly Fear by Cynthia Eden

        Deadly Fear

        By Cynthia Eden

        Grand Central Publishing

        Romantic Suspense

        385 pages

                                     $6.99 US

                                     Release Date: 07/27/2010

Imagine your normal life being transformed into a nightmare and you know the hell Mary Jane went through. A serial killer they named “Romeo” abducted and killed young girls, but one he allowed to live. FBI agent Keith Hyde and his team had found her and arrested the sadistic criminal.

Fast forward to the present, FBI Special Agent Monica Davenport profiles serial killers. She’s able to think like them. She’s closed the door to her heart not allowing relationships to form. The case comes first. One man wants to be her lover against the odds: Agent Luke Dante.

Together they try to track down a killer that plays on his victim’s fears. It begins with a note inside Patty’s desk that reads “Pretty lady what scares you?” and leads to Sandra Swain, who had been tied to a tree and bitten by snakes. It doesn’t end there.

DEADLY FEAR has every element of suspense you expect.Eden’s clues lure you into the nightmare town by town. You know the killer is taunting them and doesn’t give a damn how many people he kills. Who it is out of the FBI’s list of possible suspects isn’t known to the very end so hang on to the clues and don’t read this book at night.

Five most wanted signs out of five

Get it and Deadly Lies and Deadly Heat!

July 16, 2011

Reading vs. Writing

“Do I read a book today or do I write one?”

One of my "book review" stacks.

As writers we ask ourselves that question everyday. After the dinner dishes are washed and we are gifted with free time we have to decide whether to finish up the last scene in our current chapter or to get comfortable in our favorite chair and read. It’s difficult enough to select one book from our book stacks. If you’re a book reviewer, you have an even bigger decision of which book to read first. Then come the obligations of writing deadlines. An hour passed and you’re still undecided.

At the moment, I’m waiting for my third book, “Deadly Reservations,” to be edited so I have a little reading time. I also have 16 Second Life  Newser articles to work on. I have to decide which book to write next. That can either be Deadly’s sequel or a brand new book, one of four manuscripts I’ve already started. I also have to proof a letter looking for freelance work.

I’ve recently read “Deadly Fear” by Cynthia Eden. It’s one of the many review books Grand Central Publishing has mailed me. I also finished “Welcome to Last Chance” by Hope Ramsay. So that means I have two reviews to write.

In my “you want to read these review books” pile is Jeff Abbott’s “Adrenaline” and Anne Rivers Siddons “Burnt Mountain.” For months, I’ve wanted to read “How Clarissa Burden Learned to Fly” by Connie May Fowler. I also have a pile of Grand Central’s paperbacks to review or get  press releases up on

Twenty minutes later and hours clicking away on my second week of vacation, what will it be? I’m going to read “Adrenaline,” write 2 reviews and then try to figure out what book to write next.

Your thoughts…..